get away from

phrasal verb [transitive]
Word forms "get away from":
present tense I/you/we/they get away from he/she/it gets away from present participle getting away from past tense got away from past participle got away from
1) get away from something to stop having a particular idea or belief that is old-fashioned or not helpful

We want to get away from this idea that in a divorce one partner has to be blamed.

2) get away from something to talk about something different from what you should be talking about

I think we're getting away from the point.

3) get away from someone/something used for telling someone to move away from a person or place

Get away from there! It's hot!

4) you can't get away from something/there's no getting away from something used for saying that a fact or situation must be accepted and cannot be avoided

English dictionary. 2014.


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